Laser cutting example: Servo-driven sumo robot

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This custom sumo robot chassis is propelled by two radio-control hobby servos modified for continuous rotation. The five laser-cut components consist of top and bottom panels, two identical side panels that hold the servos, and a front shovel panel (see drawing below). The top, bottom, and side panels are attached by bolts and standoffs, and the interlocking front panel is held in place with nylon cable ties. All the pieces were cut from 1/8" acrylic, and the top and bottom panels are about 3.25" x 2.25".

This particular design was initially built with a BEAM circuit controlling the servos, but you could also control such a robot with a microcontroller or orangutan robot controller, (available from our robotics and electronics web site, It is easy to include custom mounting holes for your own unique electronics and sensor configurations.

If you want to design a similar robot, you can use our laser cutting service to build your own custom sumo robot for less cost than most pre-made kits. For a tougher version of the robot that can take more abuse, you could also have us cut the components out of ABS. The cutting cost would be about 60% more, and you wouldn't have as many color choices, but your robot would be almost indestructible!


TWO sets of 1/8" transparent gray acrylic parts for the minimum order:
Shipping cost for USPS priority mail:

TWO SETS of these custom sumo robot parts shipped to you for:  $30.00

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