Examples of Custom Laser-Cut Parts

We can cut almost any two-dimensional part that you can draw. We have made many types of custom laser-cut parts, including:

  • custom jewelry and charms
  • custom robot parts
  • custom stencils
  • encoder wheels
  • custom computer case parts
  • custom computer fan grills
  • custom instrumentation panels
  • luthier templates and tools
  • instrument inlays
  • instrument-making tools
  • custom enclosures
  • custom sign lettering and logos
  • custom ornaments
  • custom trophies
  • custom awards
  • custom gifts
  • custom trinkets
  • custom gaskets
  • custom art pieces
  • custom radio control airplane parts from Depron foam or balsa wood
  • custom model railroad parts
  • other scale model parts

Please click on the pictures of the custom laser-cut parts for a description of the parts and the cost for having them laser cut for you.

Custom robot chassis

Custom ornament

Dinosaur puzzle

Custom sumo robot

Pentominoes puzzle

Calculator robot chassis

Custom acrylic logo