Instructions for Laser Cutting File Set Up

We will be adding more tutorials, instructions, and tips for setting up your laser-cut parts. In the meantime, please read the following information before sending us a file for a quote:

Accepted file types for laser cutting

We use CorelDRAW 12 and TurboCAD professional version 11 to draw and laser-cut parts. We can also use files from a variety of other programs as long as you can export or save as one of the vector-format file types below.

File types if your parts or layouts are 23.5" x 35.5" or less, and are 1/4" or thinner

File types if your parts or layouts are between 23.5" x 35.5" and 35" x 49.5", or thicker than 1/4"

Other file types

We might be able to use other vector drawing file formats not listed above; you are welcomed to send a different file type via the quote request form (if we cannot open it, we will let you know). If in doubt, please send a DXF file compatible with AutoCAD version 2004 or earlier (most programs let you "Save as" or "Export" to this file type and have a “Set up” or “Advanced” option to set the AutoCAD version compatibility). If you need us to create a file for you, please see the topic below about setting up a sketch or mock-up.

Laser cutting file set up instructions

If you would like to create a laser cutting file for your parts using a program such as CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, TurboCAD, AutoCAD, or Open Office Draw, please set up your files as follows:

Laser engraving file set up instructions

We can do two types of laser engraving (also called laser etching): vector engraving and raster engraving. Please note the following when setting up your files for engraving:

Programs for drawing laser-cut parts

We use CorelDRAW 12 and TurboCAD professional version 11 to draw and cut parts. We can also open files from a variety of other programs (please see our accepted file types above). If you need a program to draw your parts in vector-format, here are a few free trials or completely free programs to try:

Setting up a sketch or mock-up (if we are drawing your parts for you)

To laser cut parts, we will need one of the accepted file types listed above. If you would like us to draw your parts on the computer for you, you will need to prepare a mock-up file of your parts or a file with a written description communicating the parts you need. The file can be any file type that we can read, such as a text file with a written description, a scan of a hand sketch (JPG, GIF, BMP, PDF), a mock-up in Word, Paint, or Excel, etc.

To request a quote that includes file creation, please submit your file in the quote request form and mention that you need us to draw your parts in the special instructions field. File creation costs are listed at our laser cutting pricing page.

Please follow these guidelines when preparing your mock-up file: